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    • March 25, 2021
    • (EDT)
    • March 28, 2021
    • (EDT)
    • Worldwide

    March Moto Madness
    Return to our Roots

    We had high hopes that this dispatch would announce the opening of registration for MMM 2021. We fully expected to go forward with the March Moto Madness Mother Rally but after consulting with those in the industry and getting advice from many riders that we consider family, we have come to the difficult decision to not go forward with the MMM Mother Rally for 2021.


    March Moto Madness

    Return to our Roots
    Make your own Madness

    Since many have already made plans to ride March 25-28th, we would like to offer an alternative that would get riders out for an adventure and a Return to the Roots of MMM.

    MMM started in 2006 with 5 buddies, camping in the Appalachian Mountains, out for a first ride of the season. We packed our tents (on our bikes), cooking gear, adventurous spirits and took whatever the weather threw at us (believe me, we've seen it all). This is the true spirit of what has become an annual rite of passage for many since that first gathering.

    Here’s the plan, in this season of zoom meetings and social distancing let’s all get out there March 25-28th to ride, camp and share our experience with others through social media. No rules, no admission, just a great ride creating memories and new friends in the true spirit of MMM.

    Identify a destination, invite your riding buddies and let’s have some real ADVENTURE!

    To add a little incentive and encourage everyone to share their adventure we'd like to give out door prizes and swag from all the great vendors and sponsors that have also been affected by the ongoing pandemic.

    We'll need a way to include everyone in the drawings for giveaways so go to https://gsgiants.com and register. Don’t worry it’s free. You’ll be assigned a participant number and we'll use that draw for all the cool stuff the sponsors are donating to support the riders and community. In addition we’ll have some other competitions for you to participate in that may increase your chances to win big. While you’re there you can order a limited edition, super cool, “Return to our Roots” MMM T-shirt. We hope to send some out prior to the 25th so you can represent in your photos and posts.

    We’ll keep in touch through the MMM Facebook page, GS Giants website and Facebook pages, as well as another email or two as details are ironed out.

    Our motto has always been, “By the rider, for the rider”, so let’s get out there and Return to our Roots of MMM and make life an adventure.

    2021 Rollovers

    We have every intention of hosting a great party for the MMM 2022 Mother rally.
    Obviously, we have no control over any current or future conditions so at this point we feel it's appropriate to offer anyone that rolled their 2020 registration the opportunity for a refund. As before refunds will be subject to processing fees but it's only fair to make the offer.

    If you choose to roll your registration over to 2022 you don't need to do anything and we'll keep your spot saved for 2022,  for what we hope will be the best MMM ever.

    If you'd like a refund please contact us with a request at Contact@MarchMotoMadness.com by midnight of March 1, 2021. If we don't hear from you we will assume you want to rollover to 2022.

    Rollovers will only be credited toward the 2022 event and not toward any t-shirt orders for the Return to our Roots Rally.
    • May 20, 2021
    • (EDT)
    • May 23, 2021
    • (EDT)
    • Waynesville, NC

    The Game of Roads Rally is RESCHEDULED for May 20-23, 2021

    We tried. We really tried. With the majority of spring and summer rallies postponed due to coronavirus, we really wanted to hold our “Game of Roads” National Rally in the fall because we know the healing power of riding and coming together. Our hope was that by September, coronavirus was going to be sufficiently under control that we could hold a safe rally. Rally Chair Matt Smith and his team of volunteers had been working hard not only on all of the usual moving parts of a rally but also on the new realities of holding a rally during a pandemic, with contactless check-in, additional disinfecting protocols, and appropriate social distancing. Member Jill Veverka (a registered nurse) volunteered to help make sure that the rally was indeed safe.

    As recently as last week we thought that we could make this happen. But a lot changed in just a handful of days and BMW RA President Sibley Poland called for an emergency Board meeting. It was decided unanimously that it would be irresponsible to potentially expose rally attendees (and the communities that they come from and travel through to get to the rally) to increased risk of catching and spreading the virus.

    This was an extremely tough call to make, but is the right one under these exceptional circumstances. The good news is that you only have to wait until the Spring! It’s in the same great location – the Smoky Mountain Event Center in Waynesville, NC. And with the same great roads and the same great club. Registration will remain open for the new dates.

    For those of you who have already registered and would like to roll the rally fees over to next year, we have a beautiful present as a token of appreciation – a new BMW Riders Association neck gaiter. You can also request a full refund. Or, if you’d like to turn your rally registration fee into a one-time donation to the club, we’d greatly appreciate that too and send you a neck gaiter as a thank you. Look for an email with these options.

    Thank you for your understanding. This was a really difficult decision to make but we feel that it’s in the best interest of our members, rally attendees, vendors and partners, and the motorcycling community. Be well and stay safe.

    – BMW Riders Association


    …Morning dawns with a crispness that hints of the coming winter. It is the shortest riding season due to a plague upon the land. Yet they come on Bavarian steeds, compelled by a primal need, on their Ks and their Fs, their Gs, Cs, and Ses, and on their Rs with their fire-breathing ports projecting defiantly into the wind.

    They come to this quiet valley nestled in smoky mountains to learn from sages and magicians, to outfit their steeds with glistening new farkles, to renew bonds with old compatriots, and to make new ones. But most of all, they come to ride, to feel the curvature of the earth, to lean into the unknown, to slay dragons and snakes, and to play the Game of Roads.


    Event Date:

    5/20/2021 - 5/23/2021


    Smoky Mountain Event Center

    758 Crabtree Road

    Waynesville, NC 28785





    12PM: Gates open

    7 PM: Hot Dogs with Bob’s BMW


    9 AM: Registration opens

    10 AM: Vendor Marketplace opens

    11 AM: Wunderlich America / Boxer2 Valve / Plam Werks facility tour and lunch (Click here to register)

    5 PM: Vendor Marketplace closes

    7 PM: Registration closes


    9 AM: Registration opens

    9 AM: Vendor Marketplace opens

    12-3 PM: Moto Games

    5 PM: Vendor Marketplace closes

    5 PM: Vendor Marketplace closes

    6 PM: Closing Ceremonies

    8 PM: Comedy Night with Alonzo Bodden


    12 PM: Gates Close

    For more information visit the BMW RA Registration Page

    • August 05, 2021
    • (EDT)
    • August 08, 2021
    • (EDT)
    • Colebrook, Connecticut
    • 300

    What is Rock Lobster?

    Rock Lobster is the 2021 edition of the GS Giants annual GO BIG Rally coming up on August 5-8. GS Giants love to laugh, meet up with our friends and ride our adventure motorcycles to the middle of nowhere... just about anywhere. We're men and women, young and old, Asians and Africans, Americans and Europeans and more. We speak English, Japanese, Pakistani, French, Spanish, Portuguese... a long list.

    A signature event at our rallies are the bike games. Rock Lobster will be no different and we have two of the best track builders in the United States, Jim Bean and Dennis Godwin, coming to build a very challenging course utilizing natural and man made obstacles..

    Is this a BMW only event?

    Nonsense! We don’t care what you ride, just that you ride. In fact, the local area is a hotbed of big bore KTM riders who will be joining us and helping with routes!

    What is the venue like?

    Rock Lobster will be held at Camp Bobriwka in Colebrook, Connecticut. Bobriwka consists of 350 acres of woods with a swimming pond, dining hall, bathhouse, bunkhouse and miles of trails. It is at the foot of the Berkshire mountains, close to Great Barrington, Massachusetts as well the Green Mountains of Vermont.

    What is the local riding like?

    It is wonderful. It is New England at its best with twisty pavement leading to historic towns and villages. You’ll see places that were part of the original Colonies and have the opportunity to have lunch in taverns that served George Washington.

    Fine, how about dirt?

    They say if you grew up skiing in New England you can ski anywhere and to a large degree the same is true of riding a motorcycle, on and off road. There are miles of legal forest roads, historic roads and marked trails in the area. In some New England states the roads are listed by class; in Vermont a class IV road (VI in NH) is a historic wagon path that is not maintained. Some of these are reasonably easy in August while others can give you a brief taste of our version of the Darien Gap. The surface is often rocks, roots, dirt, mud and water crossings. Sand is rare. Loose surface climbs and descents are not. Come to a complete stop and shut down the engine when you encounter a person on a horse.

    Rides and Routes?

    Absolutely! Thanks to some fantastic local talent we will be offering rides of varied difficulty that depart from the campsite. These will be self-guided rides with .GPX files provided. There are also trails on site. We will offer short loops that are on site and are rated the same as the GPX rides regarding degree of difficulty. This is to give riders a chance to discover that if you complete a Hero IV ride on a big GS the organizers would be most impressed.

    How about the new Northeast Back Road Discovery Route?

    The new route from the good folks at Back Road Discovery will be released in February. Rumor has it the route will come pretty close to the rally site; we suggest riders plan on making Rock Lobster a mid point stop on this route. There is also the Puppy Dog (Mass to Canada via dirt) and other regional routes.

    Can I come early or stay late?

    The rally site is a private facility that we have contracted for a specific time period. We are working with MAX BMW Motorcycles to provide secure parking for your trucks and trailers should you want to come early or stay later. There is so much to do in New England, your host suggests planning on taking a week to explore.

    What is the camping like?

    The camping is fantastic! Directly adjacent to Rally Central, i.e. the dining hall are a few acres of flat, green grass; even some spots with shade from the afternoon sun! It is also waking distance to the bathhouse. This area will be 100% tents and bikes only.

    There is also dispersed camping throughout the property including spots down by the swimming pond and another near the marsh.

    What about campers, 5th wheels and RV?

    If this site has any drawback is that it is not big rig friendly. There will be a designated field for dry camping however it does have a slight slope. If your tow vehicle is not 4wd you may have some issues. Unfortunately, it will be very difficult to accommodate 5th wheel trailers. This field is close to the action; if you look at an overhead photo of the site it is directly to the right as you enter. Class A Coaches will not fit at this venue.

    Quiet time for generators will be 8pm to 8am.

    I need to run a CPAP machine, will there be power available?

    Of course but it may be a challenge. The bigger the footprint the further from electricity you’ll be. If you’re coming with a big trailer, chances are you’ll be far from power and generators go off at 8pm. If you’re in a tent it will be easy to get you power. There also may be indoor accommodations for those with such needs, please contact the host for details.


    So glad you asked! It’s not called Rock Lobster for nothing and we are delighted to share the best of New England over the course of three days.

    Thursday night is “Federal Hill” featuring what the locals call Sunday Gravy over pasta and meatballs and sausage with salad, rolls and a welcome to town sheet cake.

    Friday breakfast will be pancakes, French toast with bacon and sausage; assorted muffins. Fresh fruit and yogurt will also be available. Real Vermont Maple Syrup.

    Friday night we’re going to dine like the Pilgrims over roasted turkey breast or roast beef, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, corn on the cob, salad, rolls with cookies and pies for dessert. There will also be a salmon choice available.

    Saturday breakfast will be egg casserole with meat and cheese, veggie egg casserole, assorted rolls, bagels and soft flour tortillas to make breakfast burritos. There will also be fresh fruit and yogurt.

    Saturday night It's (Rock) Lobster as part of a traditional New England Clambake. This will feature whole lobster in the shell, clam chowder, potatoes, corn on the cob, bread and dessert. For folks like your host who don’t eat lobster there will be filet mignon.

    Sunday morning breakfast is grab n go; breakfast sandwiches, pastries, energy bars, fruit and yogurt.

    With limited restaurants and markets in the surrounding area there will be food available for purchase on site during the day.


    Registration will be opening soon, just as soon as we resolve a few minor technical issues. There is a good chance registration will open first to Giants who have renewed their membership (or simply joined) for 2021. To do so is only ten bucks, takes but a minute and you get a nifty sticker. Join the GS Giants!

    Is there a cap on registration?

    Yes. By contract with the site we are limited to 300. Last year’s GO BIG rally did sell out and we expect this one will too.

    Do you have an aerial photo of the camping area?

    Yes we do! North is up. To the left of the driveway is tents and bikes only, to the right is vehicle camping. There is some great tent camping by the pond as well which is down a slight hill.

    Questions? Contact the host.


    Registration will open on March 1 for registered GS Giants in good standing for 2020, at a discounted cost of $175.00.

    After March 15 registration is open to all at a cost of $190.00

    If you are a member in good standing and cannot register, please contact the webmaster at webmaster@gsgiants.com

The GS Giants Inc., is a non-profit corporation club under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania and a 501(c)(7) social club under the regulations of the United States Internal Revenue Service. Our mailing address is 219 N. Main Ave #117 Scranton, PA 18504-3307, United States.

Read our Privacy Policy here.

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