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The following Giants are hard at work behind the scenes, keeping our non-profit organization going for the benefit of our members.

Dimitrios Tournas GS Giants President

My name is: Dimitrios Tournas

They also call me: Dimitri, the Greek, or just D

I am the: President

My role with the Giants is to: Help every other member of the BoD when they're overwhelmed. Therefore, I'm trying to generate as much work for them as possible to make myself needed. Job security 101!

Fun fact about me: I still haven't changed the oil of any of my motorcycles 

I love...: All things motorcycles and the people around them. Yes, I mean you.

To contact me click here.

Lori Payne GS Giants Vice President

My name is Lori Payne and I’m the Vice President of the GS Giants, so I am responsible for all things financial relating to our not-for-profit organization.

I also chaired the 2018 West Virginia Mountain Mayhem rally. I have been riding since 2010, and have an assortment of R1200GS bikes in my garage, along with the cutest little modified Grom! I absolutely love the GS Giants because of the people - this is the most fun and diverse group of people I’ve ever had the opportunity to ride, eat, drink and camp with!

In addition to riding motorcycles, I am a CPA with a forensic accounting practice in California and love crafting and travel, both international and domestic

Fun Fact: I don’t like filling out forms with questions like: “What else do people call you?”

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Kurt Forget GS Giants Treasurer

My name is: Kurt Forgét

They also call me: Paco (my Baja name)

I am the: Treasurer

My role with the Giants is to maintain the financial responsibilities of this non-profit organization and all related tasks, including reimbursement of expenses, so if you want a check quickly be nice to me - also, my favorite adult beverage is Tequila, for those who want to get reimbursed very quickly...

Fun fact about me: I purchased my first motorcycle at 19 (a 1985 Honda VFR700 sport bike - great first choice, not) against my parents wishes, who made it very clear that if I bought it I would be sleeping on it in the yard. After paying the seller to ride it to my house for me because I didn’t know how to ride, I parked it in front of the garage and gave the owner a ride home, dreading my return the entire time. When I arrived home, my parents quickly said “well if you really wanted it we think you made the right decision” - my only thought was “what did you do with my parents?”

I love...: The amazing people that I met and the friendships that are created while traveling on motorcycles. My life is infinitely more rich and I am grateful for every new experience.

To contact me click here.

Carlos "Bobby" Quezada GS Giants Membership Director

My name is: Carlos Quezada but everyone calls me Bobby

I am the: Membership Director

My role is to: Maintain the official club roster, lead recruitment efforts for new membership, distribute annual membership stickers and welcome letters, and whatever else I can do to help any Giant!

Fun fact about me: Bought my first motorcycle at age 16 without my parents knowledge and I parked the bike on a friend's house for a full year. When they found it, they took it away and sold it, and I did the reasonable and responsible thing to do... bought another one!

I love...: Being in the back country, riding in unfamiliar places and call home any place with an amazing view.

To contact me click here.


Fill out the application here!


Fill out the application here!

Scott Shultz GS Giants Store Manager

My name is Scott Shultz, I am the Store Director. My job is to fulfill members orders for the great items we have in the GS Giants store. I am also responsible for keeping the shelves here at the store full of all those items.

My riding career got started at an early age of 3 ½ years old. Born and raised in the beautiful state of Wyoming gave me unlimited off road riding as youngster. I was never able to ride pavement until I was licensed at age 14. My obsession with motorcycles continues today, owning and riding nearly every brand of motorcycle I could get my hands on. On my Birthday a few years ago I bought myself my first BMW a R1200 GSA. My life literally changed that day, I joined a brotherhood of bikers called the GS Giants! The Giants have brought me great memories and wonderful friends (my second Family ). The GS Giants welcome riders of all backgrounds regardless of Age , Ability or what they ride. What a fantastic club!

To contact me click here.

The GS Giants Inc., is a non-profit corporation club under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania and a 501(c)(7) social club under the regulations of the United States Internal Revenue Service. Our mailing address is 219 N. Main Ave #117 Scranton, PA 18504-3307, United States.

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