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2019 BMW RA

Sep 5 2019

Have a groovy time, man, at BMW Riders Association’s annual rally! Live music,...

STRSS = September Tellico Rooster Scooter Scramble

Sep 12 2019 STRSS = September Tellico Rooster Scooter Scramble

We have joined V13ION...
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GS Giants August Newsletter

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GS Giants July Newsletter

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GS Giants June Newsletter

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GS Giants May Newsletter

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GS Giants April Newsletter

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You know you want it, and sometimes you can get it in our on-line store. Seriously, we have club stickers all the time, flags some of the time and a ton of other merchandise at our CafePress Store you can order whenever you want.
Check out our Social page or search our Membership list to find people to ride and hang out with. We've got a forum, a Facebook group and a membership map to make it easy for you to connect and communicate.


Did you know that all the sponsorship money the GS Giants receive directly supports our events?  The result is lower costs for riders and greater awareness and good will for your brand.

The GS Giants are an excellent value!
We help you get the word out, give new riders the thumbs-up on the right accessories and modifications for their bikes, and as a series sponsor you not only get premium exposure during our year-long series of adventure rallies, you get presence in our social feeds and here on our web site. And if you're interested, we offer some exceptionally strong lead generation programs to help you sell your products or services.

We're currently wearing our selling shoes and rounding up sponsors and prize contributors for 2019. Like what you see? Please contact us about sponsorship opportunities.