How to win BIG at the 2017 GS Giant

So you think you’re not good enough to win cool prizes? Wrong!

The GS Giant's Snake River Ramble is not an event where all the best prizes go to only the best riders. Everyone has the opportunity to win! The GS Giant Adventure Track will showcase some great riders competing for bragging rights and trophies. But the prizes donated by our generous sponsors will be awarded in raffle and the more riding activities you do, the more raffle tickets you earn and the better your chances of winning.  

Here's what you can do to earn Prize Raffle tickets during the event:
  • Guess what!  You’ve earned a raffle ticket just by registering before the deadline!  See how easy that was?
  • Participate in one of the five Gypsy Tours on the way to our host campsite.  There will be tours coming from several directions all arriving on Sunday, July 9th at the Mountain River Ranch.  Details can be found on the website.
  • Visit GS BS sites. Yup, you guessed it!  It’s a list of bull s*** sites and attractions around our host state of Idaho.  Go out and explore some road side kitsch.  Visit five sites and be able to produce pictures, then see one of our event team members before dinner for your raffle tickets.  One ticket per 5 sites visited.
  • Participate in the Black Dog Cycle Ride.  Kurt Forget from Black Dog Cycle Works will host a ride on Tuesday, July 11th including a nice stop for lunch.  You must sign up in advance and raffle tickets will be given out upon your return. 
  • Participate in the Moto Skiveez Skedaddle Ride.  Join Shawn Lupchko for a day trip loop through the high country on Monday, July 10th.  Sign up in advance.  Limited to 20 participants.  
  • Participate on a ride Into the Horizon.  Join Lance and Ellen Gines as they lead guided rides showing off the beauty of their home state of Idaho.  Monday and Tuesday, no limit.
  • Ride the Adventure Track. Join us in Salt Lake City, UT at the BMW MOA National Rally: Find Your Crossroads and ride the custom build adventure track.  There are three skill levels.  You don’t have to ride it perfectly...just give it a good try.
  • Attend both the GS Giant and the MOA Town Hall Meetings taking place in Salt Lake City.  Learn what's happening with YOUR club and how you can become more involved.
  • Upload your GoPro video and participate in the Rev'It recap.  Rev'It will be putting together a recap video of all the fun and craziness.  Videos must be uploaded by noon on Friday, July 14th to qualify for an extra raffle ticket.  But you have til Sunday, July 16th to participate.
  • Other opportunities to earn raffle tickets will happen as we dream them up.  So pay attention!
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