November 2019 GS Giants Newsletter
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And the winner of the Triple Black Grom is...

(by Lori Payne)

Well, the Giants have done it again! Saturday night, we chose the winning ticket for the gorgeous Triple Black GS Grom, and the winner was none other than Tom Palmer, founder of Motorrad Angels!

Tom left on Saturday to be home for his daughter’s homecoming (in addition to EVERYTHING else he does, he’s a dedicated family man too!!!) but told me before he left, that if he won, the bike was to be auctioned off to the highest bidder, with the funds going to Motorrad Angels.

As we quickly learned, our own Scott Burr has wicked auctioneer skills and in a matter of minutes the Grom was sold for $3,100 to David Yunker!!! He was a happy guy!!!

What a win/win for 2 great charities!

Don’t forget to send in your scholarship applications (link here) because we raised enough money for the Sigrid Sackman Memorial Scholarship Fund for Off Road Training to give several scholarships in 2020!!!!!

What a generous group you are!!! Thanks for opening your hearts and wallets for this worthy cause! ❤️ MY GIANTS!!!


A closer look at the  2020 BMW GS Trophy F850 GS

(by Sarah Howard)

140 of these magnificent motorcycles are being stored in Germany awaiting their departure to meet up with some of the most talented riders across the world in New Zealand to compete in the 2020 BMW GS Trophy.

The GS trophy started back in the early 2000s when South Africa started doing a GS Safari challenge to their adventure riders who purchased a GS. Word was spread quickly and in 2005 BMW decided with the launch of the HP2 enduro, to offer a challenge course as well. It grew from there to what we know now and love as the BMW GS trophy.

In 2020, our qualifiers will head to New Zealand where the scenery will leave little to disappoint. New Zealand offers beautiful single track, gravel and mountain peaks. So far, participants have ridden through Tunisia, South Africa, Patagonia, Canada, Thailand, and Mongolia. Five teams started at the first GS Trophy in 2008 and  now a total of 18 teams take part.

Now lets talk about the bike. The BMW F850GS Trophy bike has some added extras just for our qualifiers that you won’t be able to purchase standard on the motorcycle.

Premium handguard Protection
Large F850 ADV screen
Headlight protector 
Engine guards
Skid Plates
Handlebar risers for standing
Adjustable brake pads and gear shifter
Enduro footpegs with full grip
High rally seat
Sports exhaust
Off-road tires
Heated grips
TFT screen to connect with riders BMW enduro helmet
Navigation system

These motorcycles come fully stocked with all that the riders could need in their travels during their 2020 GS international trophy. 

GS Giants Leadership Opportunities

(by Lori Payne)

As mentioned this summer at the GO BIG rally in Dolores, the GS Giants are in need of volunteers to fill some important leadership positions.  The descriptions of what is required for each position is described below.  If you are interested in one or more of these positions, please send a one or two-paragraph statement outlining your qualifications for and interest in the position to by November 15, 2019.  Announcement of the selections will be made in the December 2019 Newsletter and the new Board Members will assume responsibility beginning January 1, 2020!  Your Board of Directors is excited to welcome new ideas and excitement to the Board!
GS Giants Treasurer (Appointed Voting Board Position)
This position is an appointed Voting Board position and includes the following duties and responsibilities:
  1. Maintain all books and records and manage all financial and banking functions for the GS Giants, including, but not limited to the following:
  2. Maintain QuickBooks records of all financial transactions.
  3. Maintain and balance bank accounts, including but not limited to, checking, savings, PayPal and merchant services accounts.
  4. Prepare deposits as necessary.
  5. Prepare disbursements via check or PayPal as required.  Note that disbursements may be necessary on an emergency basis, so Treasurer should be prepared for this - especially during the busy rally season.
  6. Prepare and submit tax returns annually on or before the May 15 deadline.
  7. Prepare quarterly statements of all accounts and financial statements for review by the Board of Directors.
  8. Retain all receipts and backup for financial transactions so that records are easily reviewed and audited on an as-needed basis by members of the Board of Directors or other designated parties.
  9.  Any other duties as directed by the Board of Directors.
GS Giants Secretary (Voting Board Position)
This position is a Voting Board position and includes the following duties and responsibilities:
  1. Maintain official history of club documents and official actions, including but not limited to Board Resolutions, updates to Secretary of State annual filings, By-Laws and other corporate documents.
  2. Prepares minutes of all Board meetings and post on the GS Giants website, Board only section.
  3. Take yearly training from AMA to be the club risk manager for insurance purposes.
  4. Obtain event insurance from AMA for all GS Giants events.  Ensure that event organizers receive waivers and other insurance documents in advance of each event and that all post-event reports are completed including any accidents.
  5. Maintain membership in AMA, MOA, and RA.
GS Giants Store Chair (Non-voting Board Position)
This position is a Board position without voting rights, and includes the following duties and responsibilities:
  1. Maintain and store an inventory of all GS Giants swag (except current year Stickers and Patches), including, but not limited to the following:
    1. Tri-Fold Hats
    2. Bucket Hats
    3. T-Shirts
    4. Sweatshirts
    5. Hoo-rags
    6. License plate holders
    7. GS Giant Flags
    8. Other items as directed by the Board
  2. Check the website for new orders on a weekly basis and mail items to members.  Out of pocket costs for postage and mailing supplies will be reimbursed by the GS Giants Treasurer on a periodic basis upon presentation of receipts.
  3. Communicate as necessary with members regarding product availability, address errors, etc. as the need arises.  Always maintain professionalism and err on the side of making members happy when resolving disputes.
  4. Ship necessary items to Rally locations as directed by the Board of Directors and adjust online available quantities of each item as required.   Unsold items will be shipped back to the Store Chair after the event when they will be returned into online inventory, and quantities updated on the website.
  5. Keep the Board of Directors informed when quantities are running low so that the necessity for reorders can be discussed and approved. 
  6. Prepare and submit quarterly reports on items sold, shipping costs and quantities remaining to Board of Directors (March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31)
  7. Assist with the design and procurement of new and replacement store items as required.
  8. Work with Social Media Chair and Webmaster to make monthly postings of new items, popular items, items that may be soon going out of stock, etc. in order to drive traffic to the website store. 
Sigrid Sackman Memorial Scholarship Chair (Non-Voting Board Position)
This is a non-voting Board of Directors position and includes the following duties and responsibilities:
  1. Lead fundraising efforts for the Sigrid Sackman Memorial Scholarship Fund for Off-Road Training.
  2. Work with Social Media Chair and Webmaster to promote the Scholarship Fund and fundraising efforts, in addition to soliciting applications for scholarship recipients
  3. Work with training vendors to obtain free or reduced-price training courses to be awarded to scholarship recipients.  Work with Social Media Chair and Webmaster to give thanks and kudos to training facilities that offer scholarships (either free or at discounted prices)
  4. Collect scholarship applications throughout the year
  5. Lead a committee in selecting scholarship recipients and work Social Media Chair and Webmaster to announce recipients of scholarships on a timely basis.
  6. If raffles are used for fundraising, secure raffle prizes and print, distribute and lead an effort to sell raffle tickets.
  7. Work with Social Media Chair and Webmaster to ensure all the most up to date scholarship information is included on the website, in periodic newsletters, and on social media posts.
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