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The GS Giants is an organization built from volunteers, and under no circumstances would we dare to put anything above your personal lives. Therefore, a few weeks ago, our Marketing Director, Cinda Kelley, and our Secretary, Rob Nye, informed us that personal life has gotten into the way and they couldn't dedicate as much time as they would like to for their duties.

Per our bylaws, the applicants for these two positions will come from the general membership, you. Then the members in good standing, also you, will vote and select the replacement of the two departing members.

This role is crucial to our family, and we ask you first to contact us (webmaster@gsgiants.com) and ask us any questions you may have before considering applying. 


  1. The Marketing Director shall serve as the point of contact between the GS Giants and potential sponsors. He/she solicit companies for support, door prizes, and/or cash in exchange for the promotion of their brand/product on the GS Giants GoBig Rally or other events sanctioned by the GS Giants.
  2. The Marketing Director shall collect or/and distribute door prizes.
  3. The Marketing Director shall coordinate with the Social Media Director and the Webmaster to promote the sponsors on all platforms per individual agreements.
  4. The Marketing Director shall maintain the GS Giants brand and image through communications, advertising, and coordination with sponsors.
  5. The Marketing Director performs such other functions within the context of the Club, its members, the Board of Directors, and the Articles of Incorporation as necessary and as they require.
  6. The Marketing Director has voting power during the Board Meetings.

This family has come a long way because of volunteers looking forward to giving back to the community. We would be nothing without you. And for that, we thank you!

The GS Giants Inc., is a non-profit corporation club under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania and a 501(c)(7) social club under the regulations of the United States Internal Revenue Service. Our mailing address is 219 N. Main Ave #117 Scranton, PA 18504-3307, United States.

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