A letter from the President

Greetings GS Giants!

It is humbling, to say the least, that I report to you today as your new President. Additionally, I would like to welcome Dimitrios Tournas as our New Vice President. For those of you who know Dimitri, a new spark, or should I say a bolt of lightning, has been added to the GSG Board of Directors. I know his enthusiasm will bring great and wonderful things to the GS Giants.

So, how did you spend your summer vacation? For those of us who joined us in West Virginia Mountain Mayhem, I think you’ll agree; it was the highlight of the year. Our Treasurer, Lori Payne, organized a fantastic four days of riding, eating, floating, more riding, more eating and more floating. Milleson’s Campground near Springfield, WV was the gathering point for GS Giants before the RA Rally. Gypsy tours came from across the U.S. and Canada to join in what continues to be an epic event. Our campground hosts were not sure of what they were getting into but by the end of our visit were asking when we would be back.

I would like to thank everyone who attended and be broad in my accolades for those who set-up, tore-down, served, inflated, surveyed, marked, organized and pitched in. The games and track were new and exciting. Have you ever pushed a 55-gallon barrel with the front tire of your bike? And no Roger, you can’t use your foot! T-Rex got to the finals of the slow race! The trials course was amazing! Dennis and his crew moved a total of 3 logs and made a track that was definitely one of a kind and made us wish we could pack it up and take it home with us. I ask you this, have you ever ridden your motorcycle “IN” the Potomac River?

Well, I know a group of riders who did just that. Rain couldn't dampen the spirits of the GS Giants and the locals got to see what we do and loved every minute of it. Wednesday night we had our town-hall meeting followed by a Prime Rib feast provided by Michelin. Our Rally Chair, Lori, gave away awesome prizes and Scott Nogrady played music while the beer continued to flow.

On Thursday, everyone started packing up and heading North to Wellsboro, PA for the RA Rally. We were greeted with sunshine and moderate temperatures. The ride up found Giants detouring around construction and finding new and adventurous routes. Again, Dennis, Charles and their band of merry men put together yet another outstanding track. I was asked several times during open track time, “what’s the order of the track?” I could honestly tell them there is no order until just before the competition as Dennis was making last-minute changes right up to the start of the competition. Like as with all our tracks the goal is to safely compete, challenge your skills but not make it too easy. No one aced the course, though the winner was only docked 4 points. The crowd cheered as riders made their 500 lb. machines stop on the downhill portion, ride the narrow path of a plank, turn on off-camber terrain, navigate mud pits, negotiate log piles, push a 55-gallon barrel and climb another hill to the finish.

All in all 20 events were scored. I’ll compile the scores and post them as soon as I get time. The star of the completion was a 10-year-old girl who was on her 4th day of riding with a clutch. Her Grandpa gave her a motorcycle and asked if she could ride the track. On Friday she played follow-the-leader with Patrice. I’m often asked, how can we get young riders involved? Well, I think we just discovered the secret, start them young and one rider at a time. I’m pleased to announce the Winner of the Grom was Tyler Godwin.

For a fleeting moment, he thought about breaking it in and riding it back home to California. Thanks to everyone who bought a ticket either in person or online. I was amazed at Lori’s commitment to ensuring everyone’s entry made it into the drawing. It was a real pleasure to have Marty there and to have him draw the winning ticket. Over $3000 was raised to Sigrid’s memorial and in the near future, we will finalize the requirements for entry and selection of the off-road training scholarships.

A special shout out to our sponsors. Michelin, Sena, Revitz, Outback Motortek, Woody’s Wheel Works, Klim, Mosko Moto, skunkworks Moto, Clearwater Lights, Black Dog Cycle works, Double Take Mirror, Moto Manufacturing, IMS, MAX BMW, Lee Parks Design and Kermit Chair Company. You are the best supporters of the GS Giants, and we appreciate everything you have done for us in the past and future. I smile when I hear the Giants talk about a new product or read on Facebook the informal reviews of something new. We couldn’t do what we do without the support of our sponsors.
Again, Welcome to Dimitrios, and I am honored to be your President and promise to give 100% to leading the GS Giants into the future.
Russ Kruse
Ride Safe – Ride Far!