Elections - it's time for a new VP

Below are the three candidates (in no particular order) on the ballot for Vice President of the GS Giants. 

Ken Decroo
I would like to run for the VP position in the GS Giants. I have been an active member of the Giants for several years and love the mission of our club. I believe that we are instrumental in initiating new riders into the wonderful world of adventure riding because we get out and ride. I think our rallies, before, between and after, the RA and MOA events keep riders engaged and connected to this great community. Our community is engaging and accepting. I am a better rider because of the more experienced members who have taken time to mentor me. That’s really what the GS Giants are about. 


If elected, I would work hard to grow our membership all over the world. Keep our club one that accepts and engages all ages of riders and styles of bikes.  I am a regional coordinator for the MOA BMW (SoCal) and an active member of several charter clubs. I have agreed to be a regional coordinator for the Giants. I have been riding since I was twelve years old. I took my first long trip to Guatamala when I was seventeen. I have given seminars on moto camping and riding in Baja and have contributed to several motorcycle magazines including the MOA. I am a published author, Almost Human - A Novel with the sequel, More Than Human, coming out this summer, 2018. I, also, keep a blog, .

I think one of our “next steps” as a club will be to grow small, intimate regional rides/rallies that will keep us engaged and connected to what the Giants are about. I would also work to improve our relation with the MOA without loosing the essence of our club’s mission. 


That all said, I am rider who likes to go out and get dirty. I think best on two wheels. 


Warm regards,


Dimitrios Tournas

"I just want to ride."

We've all said these words. When we were asked to volunteer at a rally. When we first heard about elections. When we learned about friction with the MOA.  "I just want to ride." No one will ever be mad at you if you "just want to ride." That's what we do, we ride. Alternatively, there are a few more things behind this great community called "The GS Giants" than "just riding." In the background, there are those people who will sacrifice part of their daily routine. They find the sponsors for the awesome prizes everyone wins during the rallies. They forgo private weekends or time with their families on the weekends to explore and pre-ride areas for the rest to follow. They make room in their calendars to join conference calls. They spend hours over calculators and numbers trying to make the budget work. They stay in front of a computer screen promoting the events on social media and newsletters. They do a bit more than "just ride" so that WE can ride and be part of a community of riders.

I, too, just want to ride. But someone needs to move the community wheels so the rest of us can just ride. That someone might as well be me since I enjoy this community and want it to continue to grow.

Can I commit to doing ALL of the above? No, of course not, I'm not a superhero. I too have a job which at times is extremely demanding. I too have a home that needs maintenance and care. I too have been blessed with a lovely family I would like to keep and spend time with. But I will use everything I have left from my busy schedule to help maintain this community that I have learned to love and care about so much. I will commit to being there whenever I can to assist the fellow board members in person, on a call during my lunch or from the airport bar during my business travels in between flights on a conference meeting. I will commit to bringing a new face to the board with fresh, bold at some times, ideas. Am I the right person for such a responsibility? The GS Giant in me would entirely agree! Maybe the GS Giants community will agree too.

With this, it is my honor to officially announce my nomination for the Vice President position on the Board of the GS Giants.

Stay dirty, my friends.

Regards, Dimitri.

Rob Nye

I pen this as a candidate for Vice President of the GS Giants and as I write this I ask myself why?  Why would I want to do this?  After all I’ve been involved in organized motorcycling for 20 years.  I started as president of a local club, then director of the BMW MOA followed by a stint as Secretary of the same.  In 2006 I co-chaired the BMW MOA national rally in Vermont, with close to 10,000 in attendance it was the largest gathering of BMW moto enthusiast ever held in North America.

When I joined that local club I wrote on the back of the application “I’ll volunteer for anything” and I meant it to the degree that at my first rally I was up at dawn helping the “director of sanitation” clear a discharge line from the poo trailer.  I believe a rally is an opportunity to have a fantastic time and for me it’s just a little more fun if I can throw something into the party that brings a smile or makes life just a little easier for the folks working their tails off in the kitchen, on the track or over there at registration.

I’ve seen how the sausage is made and to be completely honest it isn’t always pretty but to carry the metaphor all the way it’s tough to enjoy breakfast if the sausage is junk.  My professional background is in operations for a global corporations which translates well.

So again why?  Why would I want to do this?

Over the last three years I have gotten more involved in GS Giant events as well as attending events where I am sure to be surrounded by riders who consider themselves Giants.  The club I first joined had a mission statement (since changed) stating the reason for being was to promote comradery among motorcyclists and to promote a positive image of motorcycling to the public.  I have taken this as guiding principle of all my volunteer efforts although over the last few years it seems like most organizations no longer keep this as a priority; for them it seems to be about member counts, revenue and likes on social media.  The wonderful vibe I get form Giants and at Giant events is just the opposite and takes me back to my moto roots.

I am enjoying GS Giants and GS Giant events as much if not more than my joining a local club 20 years ago.  It is my desire to see the GS Giants thrive and continue to be a place for extreme moto fun for years to come and I am willing to devote some time and energy toward this goal.

Should you wish to vote for me as your VP I pledge to do the following.

Support the GS Giants in every way possible
Support the President (but I won’t take a bullet, that’s for the wranglers)
Help grow the GS Giants by encouraging like minded riders to sign up.  (it’s FREE for petessake!!)
Focus on maintaining what attracted me to the GS Giants.
Help as and where needed.
Never ever take myself or what I do for you too seriously but when the sausage grinder comes out I will pay attention on your behalf. 

My final thought.  I am 55 years old.  That has the benefit of experience (I’m still standing!!) but seriously now if there’s a candidate under 40 that can string two sentences together vote for him or her.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope you have a Giant Day.