Letter from the Club President

It has been an exciting year so far for the GS Giants. With the spring and summer events and rallies behind us, we still have some fabulous fall riding 
events to look forward to. Ribfest, always a favorite with Giants, takes place October 19 - 22 and a new event this year - Middle of the Map Rally (MOM) - will be held November 3 - 5.

Also taking place is the GS Trophy Challenge which will once again be well represented by a number of GS Giants. Be sure to follow and support your fellow Giants in their quest to become part of the GS Trophy Team.

The Giants have also received tremendous help from great sponsors this year, and 2018 is looking to be better yet. While you're on our website exploring the fall events, take a few moments to check out the sponsor links. Support those who support us by liking their FB page and visiting their websites.

Have a safe and adventure-filled rest of the riding season and be sure to get out to enjoy the fall colors.

Hope to see you soon on the road - or better yet - on the trail to nowhere. “It’s time to stop wondering and start wandering”. Not my quote but I think this has the GS Giants written all over it.

Have an Adventurous Day
Big Rig
Roy Hedman-President
GS Giants