Gypsy Tour Details

West Virginia Mountain Mayhem
Gypsy Tours

1.           Starting Date:         Monday, July 16th   5:00 am
            Starting Location:  Suffield, Connecticut, Exact location TBA
                                                (There is a B&B in town and camping nearby.)
            Tour Leader:           Rob Nye
                                                Ph:  765-BEEMERS
Description:     Breakfast and meet any interested parties:  09:00 at the Milford Diner, 301 Broad Street Milford, PA.  Depart Milford by 09:30.

The route is 460 miles of secondary roads from the Hartford, Ct area to the rally site with a stop in Milford, PA to have breakfast and pick up any other riders.  A big day of off the highway transit for Giants on the way to the Mayhem.
Arrive at Mountain Mayhem for happy hour.
2.        Starting Date:                     Saturday, July 14th  9:00 AM
            Starting Location:             Iowa State Fairgrounds, West Gate  (MOA Rally)
            Tour Leader:                       Trevin Ward
                                                            cell 563-663-3123
Day 1  Saturday 14 July, 500 miles, camping at the Indianapolis KOA ( ) (Google Map: Secondary roads avoids most big cities/towns.
Day 2 Sunday 15 July,  500 miles, Depart as early as possible. We can slab it on I-70 to Zanesville then ride down OH 555 aka "Triple Nickel" or"The Ohio Tail of the Dragon". (Google Map: ). Finally, ride the back roads to Milleson's Walnut Grove.
Once the date gets closer, I will make the reservations at the KOA and use the MOA discount. Price per rider should be around $12 for the night (depending on how many riders are in the group). The KOA will have food available as well as local restaurants nearby. People are welcome to bring their own camp food as well. 
Because we have 2 x 500 mile days, the riding will be on secondary roads, no gravel roads planned at  this time. Rider level? Intermediate to beginner. 

3.        Starting Date:                     Friday...Maybe Saturday...Could be Thursday
            Starting Location:             Not Sure
            Tour Leader:           Kevin Shrader
Description:   Fly By The Seat Of My Pants tour.....aka, Make It Up As I Go Along tour.    Contact Kevin for details.
4.        Starting Date:                     Friday, July 13th   
            Starting Location:             Tent Camping USA Campground & Barbarossa                                                                   Bar and Grill
                                                            2299 Hwy 25/70 E, Del Rio, TN
            Tour Leader:           Dave Corl
                                                cell:  865-604-3369
Description:  Ridge Runner Gypsy Tour     Dave has a great mix of gravel and paved roads including parts of the MABDR.  Plan on 7-8 hours of riding each day with campground accommodations each night.  Arriving at WVMM on Monday in time for dinner.  Dave will contact all participants with the details. 

5.        Starting Date:                     Saturday, July 14th
            Starting Location:             Independence, OH
            Tour Leader:           Pat Corrigan
                                                (216) 570-6252
 Day 1 – 325 miles - After a brief ride on I-77 S to get away from NE Ohio, we
will hop onto OH 800 S to the Ohio River. From there, we will head SW on
OH 7 to pick up WV 16 S to US 60 as we work our way over to Fayetteville,
WV. Our plan is to stay at Rifrafters Campground in either cabins or your
own tents.
Day 2 – 190 miles – we will tour various interesting sites and roads in WV as
we head NE toward Springfield and the Giants event. We will stay at the
Seneca Shadows CG or at Yoakums in either rooms or our tents – final
arrangements to be made once we determine the size of the group and see
what is available.
Day 3 – 100 miles – final push to the Giants event, riding the Smoke Hole
Canyon on the way.
At present all planned roads are paved but we may throw in some dirt roads if
the opportunity presents itself. Though paved, some may be technically
challenging. Dining will be at restaurants along the way but riders should
come equipped with their camping gear. Numerous stops for sightseeing and
photo ops are included.
6.        Starting Date:         Sunday, July 15th at 11am.
            Starting Location:  Landenberg, Pennsylvania
            Tour Leader:           The Queen and her Entourage
                                                (302) 723-2354
Description:  Leaving Landenberg around 11am on Sunday.  4-6 hours of Back Roads, scenic highway/byways.  Arriving at Milleson's Walnut Grove Campground by late afternoon. 
* This will be an early arrival to the campground and require an additional Sunday night reservation that is not included with your rally registration.  Contact Tracy for details and instructions.