The 2017 GS Giant: Boring stuff you need to read


This is simple and there are very few rules.

Rule #1 - Don't take anything too seriously
The primary idea is to have fun. This is neither a race nor a cutthroat competition. The GS Giant is all about enjoying the community of riders who dare to brave seemingly random and mostly unexpected turns of events that are the makings of adventure.
In other words, backtracking 20 miles from nowhere because there’s a gate, the creek’s too deep to cross or a landslide took out the road is called “adventure.” Deal with it. Shoot pictures and tell everyone a good story.
And in even other words, you don’t have to compete to have fun. You can enjoy the roads, the food, the beer, the friends and the track without worrying about points. 

Rule #2 - The fewer rules the better
Know your limits and respect them. Your fellow riders expect this of you.
READ THIS! Note that these rides have not been pre-ridden. They are intended to be good, graded Forest Service roads that are passable by a bike with luggage and a rider of adequate skills. There are no course markers or other types of guidance. There are no sweep vehicles. Don’t let this scare you off. Make some new friends and ride with them.

You ride in this event at your own risk after a very careful assessment of your skills. 
We all know that motorcycles are dangerous and your personal safety is our highest priority, but a lot of your safety is up to the decisions you make. Therefore, you will need to sign a Waiver of Liability before you can ride in the event. Please take a moment to view this release and understand that while you are under duress to sign it, you cannot participate in the event until you do.
Here is the release you will be required to sign:

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